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Email and Online Fraud

Important information about email and online Fraud

At Metro United Bank, we value the safety and privacy of your personal information. We have become aware of an increase in phony emails, often referred to as “phishing” or “spoofing”.

Scammers may ask you to reply directly or click on a link that takes you to a fraudulent website that appears legitimate, in an attempt to collect your personal and account information for the purpose of committing fraud.

Protect yourself against email or online fraud by:

Never disclose your personal information or financial information such as a credit card number, account number, driver’s license number, or social security number in response to an unsolicited email.


If the email requests that you click a linked provided in the message, check the address to help determine if it is legitimate.


If you think you may have provided personal or account information in response to fraudulent email or website, change your password and monitor your account activity closely and report the case to us at 1-888-414-3556.

For more information about our Privacy Statement and Security Statement, visit our Privacy Statement.


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